About us


The brand Adrika was created in 2014 year.

I am Mariana Višnevskaya-Jankovičienė – the brand founder. A lot of the time I worked in different sewing companies, participated in all stages of the development of the garment … thats how appeared the brand “Adrika” – gained experience, love for clothes and devotion for work result.


I try to follow the simple rules: clothes must to be beautiful, comfortable and high quality. When I’m creating clothes I’m trying to emphasize the elegance of a woman. Often gain inspiration from vintage mothers dresses, which are like the eternal trendsetter for me.


2014 years exhibitions, in which MB Adrika attended: Fashion Bazaar.

2015 years exhibitions, in which MB Adrika attended: Kurorto atidarymo šventė, Fashion Bazaar, Jūros sventė, Rinkis prekę lietuvišką ir kt.

2016 years exhibitions, in which MB Adrika attended: Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga, Fashion Bazaar ir kt.


Since 2016 years we began to export our manufactured products to Latvia. Also we have strong relations with the United Kingdom, we have offers to cooperate.


Since 2015, it has become our family business, as I am very happy. When creating together, we can achieve better results.


Have a nice day!

King Regards, Mariana

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